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Mets, Dodgers Get Their Men

Los Angeles--A number of baseball deals were announced today. Let's compare shall we, just for fun.

Well, the New York Mets put the finishing touch on their off season by signing Shane Spencer, and with the previous day's acquisition of Todd Zeile, pretty much assured themselves of as good a year as 2003. Enjoy.

The Phils picked up Jose Mesa so they're set, Florida is this close to signing Wil Cordero, and Ivan Rodriguez is headed to Detroit, so the Tigers are as ready as they've been in, uh, months.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers have a new owner, a Boston real estate man named Frank McCourt. Write it down, January 29, 2004, the day Los Angeles began to heal.

Look, Mr. McCourt hit the ball out of the yard. Over the pavilion and into the parking lot. Completely out of Dodger Stadium. Just like Mike Piazza, just like Wilver Stargell. It was as if Alan Foster was out there throwing.

All you had to do to like Frank McCourt was watch the press conference. That's all.

Everything the man said was thoroughly right on. I loved every word of it. In fact, McCourt said more in an hour than News Corp., Bob Daly, Fred Claire and Peter O'Malley put together said in two decades.

Key phrases from Mr. McCourt's comments? How 'bout these:

"This is The Los Angeles Dodgers."

"I want to win this year."

"My focus is not gonna to be on beer. My focus is going to be on families."

The word "urgency" was used more than once.

To McCourt, A-B-C stands for "accountability," "baseball," and "community." Perhaps a tad hokey, but I'm buying it hook, line and sinker.

In fact, I like the new owner's plan to powwow over lunch with season ticket holders so much I'm saving up for my Outer Reserved right now. By the way, a plate of Dodger Dogs suits me fine, and I like them grilled…

Pitchers and catchers and Todd Hundley report February 17….

Remember, glove conquers all....


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